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Studies have shown that the more conscious awareness one has of “their true states, emotions, and thoughts…the more satisfied they are with their lives.”

Only 7% of people are thriving in all areas of "Well-Being"

People who ignore or deny their internal interests or values tend to have less than ideal well-being outcomes

Let’s build your Message Driven Mindset!

Research shows that living yourAuthentic Message leads to:

Higher levels of satisfaction

Lower levels of depression

Less stress and anxiety

Higher self-esteem

More stable sense of self-worth

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But how can we live more Authentically?

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The Message Driven Mindset curriculum teaches tools and processes to shift your Mindset so every day brings more alignment with your Authentic-Self

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In 5 to 6 small group or individual sessions

Message Driven Mindset provides:


Tory personally provides 1-on-1 focused guidance, thoughtful responses and caring accountability. She guides you step-by-step through personalization and implementation of the program.

Tools and Processes

A carefully developed framework helps you define your authentic Message and teaches you how to apply it to your day-to-day life so you can live authentically


You will have more clarity, direction, and ownership of your time, and your life. Your everyday will become more manageable, meaningful, satisfying and intentional

What do

Message Driven Mindset

alumni have to say about the course?

This course helped me to find clarity. I was feeling a bit lost personally and professionally, and felt like I didn't even have the time to sit down and think about, just kind of digging myself further into a rut. This was exactly what I needed (and there was so much I didn't even know I needed) to reset and refocus on what I really want and need at this point in my life and career.

I highly recommend this course!


Message Driven Mindset has been life-changing for me! I am SO thankful for the positive changes this course has brought about in my family and day to day life. The course helped me establish order and structure to navigate and manage the chaos of raising children, caring for an elderly parent, running a business, nurturing my marriage, all while still making time for my own self-care. I loved the one-on-one sessions with Tory, as they were very personalized help address my specific challenges and needs, helping me find clarity and a path forward toward tangible change through short term, medium term, and long term steps to make and maintain a meaningful and productive life that is true to MY vision and values.


Tory is the perfect person to lead this course. Her positive outlook and life experience that she brings to the program make it a fun process to move through. The course has already given me several good tools and tips that I can use to prioritize my to do list, in particular, and to take more active steps toward the life I aspire to have.


The Message Driven Mindset Course is phenomenal. I did not know what to expect going in, but Tory was able to take what we discussed in the first meeting and provided a meaningful and personal touch during the entire course. She made the content fun to review each time and never made me feel silly when discussing my message, aspirations, trials and tribulations.


Who am I?

Hi, friend! I'm Tory Stewart

I have reinvented myself over and over - I've worked in restaurant management, sales (hated it!), event planning/management, the corporate world, and owned a bakery.

Along the way I realized that recognizing and intentionally moving towards my authentic self every day brings more freedom, joy and contentment.

I’ve combined these learnings, scientific research, and my love for process and strategy to develop Message Driven Mindset. This comprehensive course teaches a new way of thinking and operating so you can take control of your life - you can take control of your Message.

Live your authentic Message - Love the Legacy you build everyday.

Contact Tory with questions or to schedule a Group or 1-on-1 Message Driven Mindset Course: