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Are you feeling...

Burnt out?

Studies have shown that the more conscious awareness one has of “their true states, emotions, and thoughts…the more satisfied they are with their lives.”

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Only 7% of people are thriving in all areas of "Well-Being"


People who ignore or deny their internal interests or values tend to have less than ideal well-being outcomes

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The Message Driven Mindset

teaches techniques and provides tools

to shift your Mindset so every day brings

you into better alignment with your Authentic-Self,

cultivating your authentic Message

You will:

  • Clarify and define your authentic-self
  • Develop a plan to move towards your authentic-self
  • Become intentional in managing and prioritizing your day-to-day for authenticity
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Who am I?

Hi friend! I'm Tory Stewart

I have reinvented myself over and over - I've worked in restaurant management, sales (hated it!), event planning/management, the corporate world, and owned a bakery.

Along the way I realized that recognizing and intentionally moving towards my authentic self every day brings more freedom, joy and contentment.

I'd love to share what I've learned along my journey.

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Contact Me:

tory @ messagedrivenmindset.com